Welcome to Westwood Ministries

Increasingly, Christian leaders and their families are experiencing a need for rest and restoration from burnout, moral failure and forced termination.  Missionaries are experiencing  unrealistic expectations, financial burdens, denominational pressure & family stress leading to a mass exodus from full-time vocational ministry. We are in a crisis of ministry like no other where the needs of full-time ministry staff & church lay leadership hang in the balance.  What is the Church to do? Where can Christian leaders who are called by God go to find healing and restoration?

Westwood Ministries has been operating since 1989 as a pastoral care ministry in an attempt to meet the physical and family needs of those in full-time ministry and church lay leadership. Westwood offers ministry in three priority areas: Sabbatical Retreat & Rest, Holistic Christian Counseling and Life & Ministry Training.

We are convinced that God’s desire for His Church is to be a healthy, functioning body. But before the Church can be healthy, its leaders must find health themselves.

Scholarship Fund

Each year Westwood absorbs the cost of many clients and guests who come to receive help but cannot afford to pay the “suggested donation” that is required for the ministry and services.  The DNA of Westwood is that no Christian leader or their family be turned away due to their lack of funds to pay for their stay at Westwood and the ministry received.  However, this costs Westwood about $50,000 each year!  This past year we began to share these needs for scholarships that would enable more leaders to come and receive healing at Westwood Ministries.

Already we have received over $15,000 toward our goal of $50,000!

I invite you to make this scholarship fund a matter of prayer for your year-end giving this year!  For every servant leader and family we salvage from failure and destruction, many lives will be changed down through eternity!

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This experience [Potter’s Institute] has brought up a lot of things that I knew in my brain, but not necessarily knew in my heart. It has given me a chance to “escape” my everyday to experience a “reality check” and to re-calculate my priorities.

God gave my husband and I a specific opportunity to share with each other things about our past, that might otherwise not have come up. He brought us closer because of it too. He revealed that we are more alike than we knew and that we were truly brought together by Him. God revealed to me some other things (wounds) that I had suppressed so much so that I had forgotten. I was able to confront those feelings.

The “Worth More Than Rubies” retreat has meant to me about building a foundation. I felt as if I was on sinking sand. Now I feel as though I am standing on the rock.

The Father helped me quit smoking this weekend. He has helped me believe and trust Him to take care of my family.

Everything was fantastic! Truly life changing. You said Dawsie would “bless our socks off” and she truly has! She is a woman of God that I would like to look to as an example.

Leslie Groff

The “Worth More Than Rubies” retreat was really special as usual. When I broke my plate I was really broken. I asked the Lord to help me to leave different than I came. The Lord really spoke to me. NO matter how many times I come, something is different. That is great! 🙂

Shirley Dannemiller

The Potter’s Institute has been a safe place to come and reflect on self, healing, and reconciliation between myself and husband; myself and God. God identified wounds deeply buried that were contributing to conflict and hurting other people. Reconciled myself to Him and showed me the reality of Him and showed me how to “heart believe” instead of just “head believe”.

If my husband had not abandoned me here 🙂 I really do not know how much longer it would have taken me to deal with my issues. I can’t thank you enough that this place exists. My counselors were awesome and willing to spend time with us if we wanted it or needed. Sandy Rocks! I love you!

God has done an awesome work in my life! 🙂 He has made me the me that I was before being hurt. The one God wanted me to be.

Tresa Snider

Potter’s at Westwood, in general, have been life-saving to me and my family. It has provided wellness and healing from habits, quarrels – a reminder of forgiveness of my sin and the blessing and reminder of hope and a future. God continues to bring healing and restoration, growth and strengthening for my heart and soul. Thanks for all you do!

Joel Wetzstein

The “Worth More Than Rubies” retreat was a reality check for me. It was an encouragement to hear all the teachings and Scriptures on being a godly wife and mother. I feel that this was a PRO-ACTIVE step to make me a better mother before my daughter is all grown.

Natalie Charlotin

The “Worth More Than Rubies” retreat has been a huge encouragement for my take on my marriage and my role in my family. The Father reminded me of my job as a prayer warrior over my household.

Dear Norma & Westwood Staff –

Thank you so much for what you do! It has been such a blessing to have a place to come and rest, to be surrounded by so many friendly people, and enjoy the silence and solitude that He prepared for me here! 🙂 Every encounter was Spirit-filled; every conversation, redirected me to the truths that the Father was showing me. I hope to share what I have learned here with many others, and encourage my colleagues to come for a stay! 🙂

Blessings and Much joy!

Angela Patterson

The Potter’s Institute, Heart-Shaping class has been a refuge. A place my wife and I came to seek help with the greatest struggle of our marriage. We found more than we came to find. We found healing, hope, energy towards tomorrow. We both discovered the sin we were not aware of, and generational sin that we believe will break with God’s leading.

God brought me out of hiding. I was the prodigal son, but unwilling, unable, too afraid to come out of the pig pen. God did not meet me half way, He came and got me out and led me Home.

Thank you, Lord, for sending me to The Potter’s Institute. It was life-saving, life-changing. I will forever be thankful and grateful to my new family outside of Kerrville. In Your Son’s Name, Amen.

Will Stevens