Potters I: Heart-Shaping

About This Event:

Potters I: Heart-Shaping focuses on God’s identity as The Master Potter as He draws us and calls His people to come on His potters wheel to shape identity, purpose and destiny.

Do you know Christ and strive to do the best you can, balancing work, God, your family and the other dozen things on your plate…

but you don’t feel free?
Are you willing to look at places in your heart that might be wounded, hardened or even hiding?

Come for a 4-day intensive retreat with the Lord. Allow Him to walk with you to these de

ep places. The freedom that comes from going there and allowing Him to heal and speak truth is invaluable.

Experience…A Healing Of The HEART

…A Father’s TOUCH…

…A Healing COMMUNITY of Faith



Event Dates

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