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BattleCamp I:
Spiritual Warfare

BattleCamp I: Spiritual Warfare launches the participant into the reality of our existence as C.S. Lewis describes "a world at war". During this retreat we take an in-depth look at Ephesians 6: 10-20 and the great weapons of our warfare in ... No Upcoming Events

BattleCamp II:
Warriors of the Word

BattleCamp II: Warriors of the Word challenges men to encounter God through His Word and memorize scripture for "spiritual war games" that will be experienced later in the weekend. During this time we also look at Spiritual Disciplines, ... No Upcoming Events

BattleCamp III:
The Stone

BattleCamp III: The Stone takes a closer look at our Commander and King and explores the attributes of God through a journey with A.W. Tozer's book Knowledge of the Holy. During these days we will discover The Rock of our Faith and set up ... No Upcoming Events

BattleCamp IV:
The Saga of Three Men

BattleCamp IV: The Saga of Three Men is based on the lives of Sampson, David and The Unknown Man. Join other warriors as we learn to protect the cracks in our armor and be strengthened for the battle. No Upcoming Events

BattleCamp V:
The Robe

BattleCamp V: The Robe This newest edition to the Battle Camp series talks about the powerful bond of friendship, the covering our Father gives us and our duty to each other as men. No Upcoming Events

Heart of a Warrior

BattleCamp: Heart of a Warrior explores the belief that God meant something when He made Man. During this retreat we explore the heart of the masculine soul and walk through John Eldredge's book Wild at Heart. No Upcoming Events

Kingdom Women I:
“Come Away My Beloved”

Kingdom Women I: "Come Away My Beloved" (RUTH) explores the story of Ruth and uncovers the need within the heart of every woman to find her true "kinsman redeemer". No Upcoming Events

Kingdom Women II:
“For Such A Time As This”

Kingdom Women II: "For Such A Time As This" (ESTHER) calls and challenges the hearts of women to rise to the occasion for which God has called them to. Through this encounter we will uncover God's design for risk matched with faith in ... No Upcoming Events

Kingdom Women III:
“Worth More Than Rubies”

Kingdom Women III: "Worth More Than Rubies" (PROVERBS 31:10-31) journeys into the depths of God's ulitmate design for Kingdom women, touching on identity and the beauty within that is meant to be unveiled. No Upcoming Events

Kingdom Women IV:
“Duty or Delight”

Kingdom Women IV: "Duty or Delight" based on Hosea 6:6 (NLT) "I want you to show love, and not offer sacrifices. I want you to know Me more than I want burnt offerings," this retreat takes us deeper in relationship with Father as we look ... No Upcoming Events

Potters I:

Potters I: Heart-Shaping focuses on God's identity as The Master Potter as He draws us and calls His people to come on His potters wheel to shape identity, purpose and destiny. No Upcoming Events

Potters II:

Potters II: Covenant explores the marriage relationship in relation to God's Wilderness Tabernacle and uncovers His design and original intent for His marriage relationships. No Upcoming Events

Potters IV:
Kingdom Lifestyle

Potters IV: Kingdom Lifestyle challenges the participant to pursue The Kingdom of The True King, our Lord Jesus Christ. During these days we look at the now and coming Kingdom of God and how we can live a personal existence that reflects ... No Upcoming Events

Potters V:

Potters V: Wholeness is a culmination of the three encounters leading to wholeness. Through this encounter we will discover God's original design and intent for spiritual wholeness and healing through the power and authority of Jesus ... No Upcoming Events