Men’s Ministry

Christian Outdoor Adventures is the men’s discipleship piece for The Potter’s Institute. Christian Outdoor Adventures (COA) includes five experiential encounters consisting of three day events in an outdoor setting. COA Expeditions is offered in an adventure expedition style encounter consisting of a four to seven day event. The desire of COA is the rescuing and recapturing of the heart of God’s Kingdom warriors for the purpose of revelation and relational intimacy with Father and other’s who are pursuing God’s journey of masculine initiation. COA is an outdoor experiential encounter that includes hiking, camping, canoeing/kayaking, rock climbing, shooting as well as horsepacking and backpacking experiences.

BattleCamp I:
Spiritual Warfare

BattleCamp I: Spiritual Warfare launches the participant into the reality of our existence as C.S. Lewis describes "a world at war". During this retreat we take an in-depth look at Ephesians 6: 10-20 and the great weapons of our warfare in ... No Upcoming Events

BattleCamp II:
Warriors of the Word

BattleCamp II: Warriors of the Word challenges men to encounter God through His Word and memorize scripture for "spiritual war games" that will be experienced later in the weekend. During this time we also look at Spiritual Disciplines, ... No Upcoming Events

BattleCamp III:
The Stone

BattleCamp III: The Stone takes a closer look at our Commander and King and explores the attributes of God through a journey with A.W. Tozer's book Knowledge of the Holy. During these days we will discover The Rock of our Faith and set up ... No Upcoming Events

BattleCamp IV:
The Saga of Three Men

BattleCamp IV: The Saga of Three Men is based on the lives of Sampson, David and The Unknown Man. Join other warriors as we learn to protect the cracks in our armor and be strengthened for the battle. No Upcoming Events

BattleCamp V:
The Robe

BattleCamp V: The Robe This newest edition to the Battle Camp series talks about the powerful bond of friendship, the covering our Father gives us and our duty to each other as men. No Upcoming Events

Heart of a Warrior

BattleCamp: Heart of a Warrior explores the belief that God meant something when He made Man. During this retreat we explore the heart of the masculine soul and walk through John Eldredge's book Wild at Heart. No Upcoming Events

For more information on COA BattleCamps and schedule contact: Chad Huber  at , (830) 315-3323