Become a Partner

part-ner [paartner]: noun
1. Somone who shares in activity.
2. Someone who holds a siginificant relationship with another; intimate relationship.
3. Someone or something that has deep connection with something else
(Basic root: From Latin and Early English “to share in a dance”)

Westwood Ministries is a non-profit ministry that operates off the generosity and calling of those God has called to partner with us. Without the support of our partners we would not be able to meet the needs of those who walk through our door, pick up the phone to find a listening ear or reach out when no one else is there. Westwood has always operated with the philosophy that often when people need help the most, it is when they can afford it the least. The continued support of our partners helps us be able to offer the ministry that God has called us to on a donation basis. There are three ways you can help support us as a ministry:

Prayer Support:

Above all else we desire for our partners to commit to praying for Westwood Ministries, Living Hope Retreat, our staff and board of directors as we seek Father’s will and purpose for reclaiming the lives of His Kingdom leaders. Prayer is the activity that calls all of Heaven to act on our behalf. Join us as prayer partners and commit to praying every month for our ministry events, ministry and staff finances and for those who are currently walking through healing with Westwood.

Physical Support:

Without hands and feet on the ground, the mission of Westwood would never be accomplished. We depend on and believe in those who God has called to work with us during our ministry events as leaders and facilitators. During every retreat we pray for a team of Kingdom leaders to participate in leading groups, worship, teaching times and cooking. We ask you to ask Father how He is calling you to partner with Westwood on our volunteer ministry teams.

Financial Support:

Westwood is a non-profit ministry that operates through the generosity of its partners. Our full-time ministry staff serves with Westwood while being responsible for 100% of their mission support salary. Please pray about how God is leading you to partner with Westwood and her staff as monthly financial partners.